Tottori Sand Dunes (Tottori city) It is about 60 minutes by car
Magnificent sand dunes that are 16 kilometers from east to west and 2 kilometers from north to south.
There are beautiful patterns on the sand created by the wind.
Sand screens are made by sand grains sliding down sharp slopes after the rain.
ICON画像 Mitokusan's Nageiredo (Misasa-cho) It is about 30 minutes by car
Nageiredo, a national treasure, is built right on the cliff.
How the Nageiredo was built is still a mystery today.
ICON‰æ‘œ Akagawara (Kurayoshi city) It is about 10 minutes by car
A row of warehouses with white walls have been renovated and opened as a new tourist spot. There are various shops with miscellaneous goods and local Sake. You can also experience making a traditional toy (the Hakata Doll) and bamboo crafts.
ICON‰æ‘œ Enchoen Chinese Garden (Yurihama-cho)
One of the largest Chinese gardens in Japan, which was opened in commemoration of the friendship
and cooperation between Tottori Prefecture and Hopeisheng, China.
There is a hot spring in the neighbor.
ICON‰æ‘œ 20th century Pear Museum (Kurayoshi city)
This is Japan's only pear museum. There are displays of pears from all over the world and of course the 20th century pear Tottori is famous for. There is also a tasting corner where visitors can try various dishes made with pears.
ICON‰æ‘œ Uradome Beach (iwami-cho)
A seacoast, designated as a national park, with rugged precipitous cliffs carved by rough waves and a calm beach with white sand and green pine trees, stretching about 1.5 kilometers.
ICON‰æ‘œ Kan-non-in Garden (Tottori City)
The garden is especially beautiful in winter, when everything is covered with white snow.
The most striking feature of this garden is its reversed-fan-shaped artificial hill.
ICON‰æ‘œ Yumeminato Park (Sakaiminato city)
From the Yumeminato Tower observation room, you can enjoy a magnificent view of Mt. Daisen and the Japan Sea. There is a Yumeminato Exchange Village which introduces countries that surround the Japan Sea, Minatomachi Shopping Center and the Minato Hot Spring.
Outdoor sports
ICON‰æ‘œ Skiing
White powder snow is the best type of snow for skiing. There are many ski resorts in the prefecture.
The pleasant sensation of gliding down a slope with the wind in a colorful skiing outfit is a feeling you will become addicted to.
ICON‰æ‘œ Paragliding
Soar through the big blue sky with green fields and sand hills below. There is an excellent school to teach beginners at the Tottori Sand Dunes.
ICON‰æ‘œ Camping
If you want to enjoy nature, nothing is better than camping. Enjoy a barbecue under the blue sky.
ICON‰æ‘œ Hiking
Hike through a virgin forest of beeches or Daisen's aloeswoods.
You will find a magnificent view from the top of the mountain
ICON‰æ‘œ Going to the Beach
Calm waves and white sandy beaches. There are many beaches along the coastline where you can enjoy swimming and sun bathing.
There is the else lot tourist attraction in tottori prefecture.